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The best answer to cold weather

With a large number of projects in the area – gyms, SPAs, thermal spaces and residences, Guimágua has multiple customized solutions in the Wellness area, depending on your needs and desires.

Today we present the distinction between the best known – sauna, Turkish bath and whirlpool. All three with the propose of relaxation, combating stress and building endurance.

It is a concept that seeks to reach all fields that involve the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of each one of us. It is a way for us to go in search of complete well-being through the practice of physical exercise, combined with good nutrition, adequate rest and a way to lead life in a more balanced way, consequently resulting in well-being physical and mental.

Therefore, Wellness is a form of prevention and health education in search of total well-being. Balance the spirit!


Guimágua has a wide range of hydromassage systems that provide you with an easy way to relieve your body’s tension and stress; Easy to install and in different sizes to fit in any space!

With temperatures between 32 and 37 degrees and the dynamic energy of water in the body – the hot tub is used for relaxation, rehabilitation of muscle and joint injuries.

With a much more recent past than the others, this technique makes the skin softer and more luminous and increases blood circulation, also activating the lymphatic system.


Original from Scandinavia and existing since the 13th century, it consists of a dry atmosphere with stones heated to over 70 degrees. In the Nordic countries there is a tradition of diving in lakes after using, we here recommend a cold shower at the end.

It is a ritual of pleasure and well-being, that leads to muscle relaxation, activation of circulation, skin hydration and decongestion of the airways.
We have saunas and Turkish baths incorporated with the latest technical and aesthetic innovations, which allow for a more practical and comfortable use.