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Who We Are

Guimágua is a company specialized in the conception, restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance of swimming pools.

Our Story

Guimágua is a company specialized in conception, restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance of swimming pools. The market segments of coatings, equipments, covers and chemicals (pool maintenance) and wellness are areas of activity of the company.

Guimágua’s foundation dates back to 1991, in a field associated to the hydraulic installations, water supply networks and pool conception.

The evolution of the real estate and conception sectors in the 90s, specially in the residential area, boosted the growth and development ih the pool conception sector. Already being that the company’s area of action, it was defined as the company’s purposes, investing with the specialization In Human Resources in the targeted market, adopting an operational strategy of high professionalism and quality, foreseeing to consolidate results in the medium and long term.

Since 2007 Guimágua has held the Certificado de Conformidade e Qualidade (Conformity and Quality Certificate), in accordance to the NP EN ISO 9001 Standards, withing the scope of Commercialization, Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Equipments and Coasting for Swimming Pools and Irrigation Systems; and Commercialization of Chemical Products and Utensils of Swimming Pools Water Treatment.


Guimágua is an example of sustainability. With more than 20 years of existence, today it is a company of reference in the swimming pools and wellness markets, performing in a regional market, centered in the North of Portugal. Creating its space in the market has been a permanent challenge, but the investment in an integration of values and principles of sustainability resulting from a transparent management, has shown virtues and benefits.

The investment in efficiency, innovation, quality and continuous improvement of performance, associated with the preservation of resources, will enhance and privilege the sustainability of the company, in a responsible articulation with the environment and the surrounding community. We must calmly accept the challenges that the future holds.


The strategy will be based in the development and innovation, on the execution of works with added value, in the adequacy of balanced solutions in a price-quality relation, guaranteeing rigour, professionalism and quality. The diversification and the adoption of the best work practices will reinforce the sustainability of the business in the long term, strengthening our presence in the market, with unquestionable satisfaction and loyalty of our clients.


Our vision is to reinforce and consolidate the already accomplished recognizant of Guimágua by clients and suppliers, as preferred partner in the implementation of projects, seeking to overcome challenges with ambition and confidence, involving, in doing so, with commitment and creativity, all of its collaborators. Without forgetting the past, we are motivated and confident with the future!


To us, values are structural and inalienable atributes, that characterize and reflect the identity and orientation of the company’s actions and its human resources. We believe, by conviction, that strong values will always be the key to good, fruitful and lasting businesses.


Guimágua’s mission is to fulfill desires, valuing environmental spaces, where people like to live and socialize. We create conditions that enhance health, physical and emotional well-being, as well as we can prolong moments of family interaction.


Growth and sustainability, anchored in rationality and solidity, focused on the future, reflecting the collective aspiration of the company and its collaborators.


At Guimágua, we are moved with the purpose of creating projects of excellence, enhancing moments of pleasure and relax.
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