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What to consider when deciding to build a pool

August 6, 2019 UNIFY

The construction of a swimming pool is a difficult task and requires attention to uncountable details in order to ensure safety, a correct investment and its best use.

Before the construction of a pool it must be considered some aspects as:


This should be the first factor to consider. Ideally, the pool should be located on flat ground, minimizing interventions. It is also important to take into account what surrounds the pool, specially trees and plants that can increase the dirt in the water, requiring more maintenance efforts.


It is important to know the profile of the pool’s potential users, in order to guarantee the maximum safety. It is necessary to adapt the poll depth, considering who will be its mains users. If they are children, it’s necessary to pay attention to the depth and accessories used.


Before beginning the construction of the pool, it should be considered all the potential expenses with filtration and purification system, as well as the system to adopt. You should also consider the swimming pool maintenance requirements, specially how to keep the chlorine levels and the pH of the water.

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