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Summer safety precautions

August 6, 2019 UNIFY

Season of excellence in the swimming pool use, in summer you should take extra care with the water.

Indeed, the water should always be clean and crystalline, in order to obtain its maximum benefit. For this, its manual cleaning should be done at least twice a week to removing leaves and insects from the water.

The filtering system should be turned on daily, between 6 to 12 hours, assuring the elimination of impurities from the water. In the same way, the filters (in case they are cartdges) and the skimmer should be cleaned regularly, since their effectiveness decreases with the accumulation of dirt.

It is also recommended the daily cleaning of the area that surrounds the swimming pool, preventing impurities from entering the water.

The pool should also be brushed and vacuumed in order to be always clean. If there’s a pool cover, you should pay special attention when opening it.

Verify every week the filter pressure and, if necessary, proceed with a sand washing operation. Generally, when the pressure that marks the filters is 0,3 bar higher than the value when the filter is clean, it’s recommended to wash the filter. This process is fundamental to keep the filter environment in good condition and to obtain a high filtration efficiency.

Whenever needed, add a maintenance dose of anti-algae product, to avoid the water to turn green.

Review and replace also the levels of pH regulator, disinfectant and flocculant in case you have an automatic dosage of chemical products.

It is also important to maintain the correct level of water at the pool and, in the case of adding more water, analyze the pH and disinfectant values and adjust them.

Following this care, the pool water will always be clean and in the best conditions so you can spend the best moments of leisure.

For more informations about pool maintenance, contact Guimágua. With more than 25 years of experience, Guimágua is the ideal partner to provide your swimming pool the best care.