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How to take care of the swimming pool in winter: 6 essential tips

August 6, 2019 UNIFY

Typically associated to summer and good weather, swimming pools are usually neglected in the winter. A mistake made by many people, since, despite the less use, pools need cares all year around.

Thinking about this season, Guimágua has created a list of the essential care with swimming pools.

1. Cover the pool
When the pool is not in use, it is important to use a protective cover. This way, you prevent the rise of water levels resulting from the rain and the penetration of external dirt as well as chemical products last longer (there is less water evaporation).

During the winter, it is recommended to pay attention to the cover condition, since rainwater or debris can cause an excessive weight and it is necessary to clean it.

The cover is also a security element against the possible fall of children and animals in the swimming pool.

2. Clean and hygienize
Brush all sides and floor tiles and remove all the visible dirt as leaves and insects. This procedure is fundamental to prevent the breeding of bacteria and, specially, algae that turn the water unusable.

3. Pay attention to the water balance
The different component levels should be at its ideal value.

pH levels should be between 7.6 e 7.2, without forgetting that the chlorine levels should be between 1 and 3ppm for a healthy bath.

4. Perform shock chlorination
Apply shock chlorine and algaecide. It is essential to maintain a clean and crystalline water.

5. Check the water level frequently
With low temperature, water can expand and damage plastic components as skimmers or tiles. Therefore, make sure the water line is below the skimmer approximately 50 cm.

6. Empty and protect the skimmer mouths
Fundamental to safeguard them against frost and pressures from the ice, as well as to prevent leafs, dust, little animals and rain to enter the water.