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Guimágua marks presence at Help Training Camp in Helsinki

June 13, 2019 UNIFY

Between 15 and 18 November 2017, Guimágua will be in Helsinki to participate in another training session on Sauna, organized by the Finnish company Helo.

The practice of sauna dates back more than 9 thousand years, in a period when nomads invaded Finland, in prehistoric times, being considered since that time a sacred place, a place where body and spirit were purified.

Today, sauna is essentially seen as one of the most relaxing and beneficial therapies for the body, with proven results, among other things, in stress relief, muscle relaxation, release of toxins, skin cleaning and the induction of a deeper sleep.

With the certainty that we have all the necessary tools to enhance even more your movements of leisure, we expect your visit so that we can transmit in truth with the Finns occupy the 5th place in the Worlds Happiness Report.