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Are you going to clean your swimming pool? Here’s the tools you should use

August 18, 2020 UNIFY

Cleaning a swimming pool is one of the most important procedures, in order to keep a healthy water and a secure pool.

There are several instruments available, among them:

  • Telescopic handle:

This is one of the main tools and can also be used with the vacuum, the sponge and the leaf catcher. There are many sizes, but the ideal is to always use one that covers the entire pool from side to side.

  • Leaf catcher

Very easy to use, has the function of remove leaves, branches and grass that fall into the water.

  • Filter

The filter as the function of retain dirt particles and impurities that mix with the water. The filter must remain turned on, at least, 6 hours so all the water is purified. Inside the equipment, there is a special sand for filters that must be changed every 3 years. It’s this sand that performs the filtration, so it is fundamental to use the right product.

  • Skimmer

The skimmer is the rectangular or square box that must be screwed or embedded in the walls of the pool. Its mains function is the aspiration. The water, along with residues, enters the skimmer that retains these remains in a collector and returns the water, now clean, to the pool. To ensure its efficiency, it’s important to periodically clean the collector and remove the accumulated residues.

  • Brush

The brush is essential to remove the stains that appear in the pool. Curved brushes are very good for wall and floor corners. Nylon brushes are ideal for fiber, tile and vinyl pool. The stainless steel brushes are only for tiles.


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